Saturday, February 5, 2011

Join us for the Humber Coastal Walk for AIDS

One of the casualties of the public sector cuts has been support for HIV/AIDS. What little funding there has been in the past few years is no longer ring fenced, which means that local authorities can now use whatever limited funds they do receive for other purposes. In many instances the funding has simply stopped and people employed in raising awareness and providing support have been made redundant.

What that means for small charities and social enterprises like Mercury Trust is that there will be greater demands on us to deliver - all part of the Big Society - but at the same time there is less money available for us to do the work and we are having to be far more creative in raising money ourselves.

We received a small amount of funding last year from Sports Relief and we are using some of that money to both raise awareness of the issue and promote improved health by organising a challenging Walk for AIDS in June.

The Walk for Aids will be a coastal walk from Cleethorpes to Hull travelling through all four Local Authority areas in the Humberside sub region. This is a challenging 50 miles which we will complete in 24 hours.

We are planning a media campaign with this and will be posting reports as we travel to keep everyone up to date with the walk.

What we need are more volunteers to support the campaign and sponsors to fund the walk.

If you would like to get involved in the walk call Jamie Conner on 01482 755601 or Rikki Arundel on 01482 755606 or Click Here to email

If you would like to sponsor the walk - please click on the Donate button on the right of this article.

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